Expenses Management
Never lose sight of your business expenses.

Managing expenses is now easier than ever. Whether it's maintenance expenses, office supplies or any other employee expenses, you can access all receipts and expense reports from your expense dashboard and create or delete them with a single click. Everything can be done directly through the HTbook Expenses Management Software!

Save time, no receipts
Expense tracking in one place.

Gather all receipts and expense in one place.
Bypass paper expense reports and send them instantly with expense management app. The manager or employees can attach their receipts directly to the expense register to avoid losing them. And adding notes about these expenses can be done through the mobile phone.


Manage recurring expenses
per type.

Get a clear overview of expenses for a single type.
You can easily keep track of expense records across entire departments to monitor costs and ensure they are on target and within budget.

Integrate with expense systems

Accounting software that makes expense management easy.

Save time

Collect all expense receipts on time, without sending emails or chasing team members.


Validate or refuse expenses with a click. Add comments, edit records, or request additional information.


You can rely on our powerful cloud solutions wherever you go and on any device - and make things easy for your accountant.

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