Access your database quickly and easily from any device

Oversee all important information for each department at a glance.

Build a secure database to get a better understanding of your worker expenses.

intelligent module to keep you organized. you can get all data at your fingertips.

Employee Profile
All your Employees details are managed in one place for efficient and easy management.

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Online Employee Management

HTBook TMS is the best employee management system for online workforce management in your Transport Company. Oversee all necessary information for each department, It does tasks such as keeping track of the workforce data created. Thich is a very crucial task for payroll, Deduction, and more. As with the exact work hour employee database you can do better workforce management for the firm.

Fast and accurate payroll management

keep employee payroll records up-to-date online

Payroll is one of the most difficult tasks to manage for a company's HR team. You need to manage it, taking into account many things such as taxes, the benefits of various company policies, and other deductions.
With HTbook TMS software, you can automate accurate payroll annually, monthly, and daily. This is to help you build employee confidence. and avoid problems.

Track working & attendance

worksheets with attendance tracking.

Keep track of the employee worked and sort by time, date, vehicle, clients, and rate for trip. Easily access statistics to record and analyze worksheets as well as check each employee's attendance. and easily to track your invoice status.

Streamlined Deduction management

Get know a deduction amount for employee and approved fast.

Manager can easily submit and justify deduction. Managers can add deduction amount and select employee name. Once approved, deduction are immediately updated in employee account and cut from salary.

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