Everything you need to run your employees salaries.

Salary Management System is a software used to manage all the financial records of your employees in a simple and automated manner. This Salary management system manages employees salaries, deductions, other transportation, Payments, bonuses, and generates payroll slips, etc.

Deduction Management

Track the salaries of your employees and make sure that the deductions are processed and that the payments are completed and approved and deducted from the employee’s salary automatically after approval by the manager.

HTBook Transport management system & Salary Management Key Advantages

everything you need to administer your transport company.

  • 01 Everything in one place!

    Get a comprehensive summary of the entire payroll process. Check pending payments, deductions and forms due, and employees under your payroll, all from your dashboard.

  • Because it works in conjunction with the employee management system and the deductions system, the process of calculating the salary becomes automatic, fast and easy.

  • The payroll management system software simplifies the end-to-end payroll process.


Salary Slip
Create salary statement in one click.

You can easily create a PDF statement that includes all the details of your employee's salary and the deductions made on salary, in addition to the employee's personal details.

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