Employee Profile
All your Employees details are managed in one place for efficient and easy management.

Create and manage all your Employees details and list are managed in one place for efficient and accurate job creation:

Basic Personal Information.

Name & image

Passport & IdCard

Date (Start Date, Exp Date)

Time (Time Pickup & Time Dropup)


Type (Local, Freelancer, Double, OUT)

Basic Salary

Working Sheet.

Trip (Date, Time)



Rate, pay status


This amount charge from employee by salary for( Police Fine, Visa, Registeration, Adavance Salary, etc.)

Company Profile
All your Companines details are managed in one place with catagories:

Basic Company Information.

Company Name & Owner

Description & referance

Adress, Phone, Email

Finances Sheet.

Invoices (Create and manage)

Payment table

Integrate with Profile Management

We know it can be chaos at times – with multiple orders and customers, complex rates, and resources to manage.
HTBook TMS provides efficient order processing solutions; eliminating time-consuming manual processes and errors.

Seamless profile creation

Provides quick and automated ways to create and edited profile.

always up to date

Ensure your Customer & Employee Directory is always up-to-date with useful HTbook TMS.

All in one place

Simplifies manual Profile input, providing all the details you need in one place.

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