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Travel Website Development Company

Develop and deploy a user-friendly travel website. With rich experience in creating web solutions for travel agencies, Alareejit will provide a well-planned travel website development to help you stand out among the competitors and build a powerful online presence.

«We now have a core team of engineers at Alareejit who work for us full-time and are supplemented by 4 or 5 engineers with different skillsets when and if required.»

Travel Web Portal Development

“Working with you guys has been fantastic. The level of expertise of your development team is as good as the people that we get in the UAE. You’ve got a fantastic talent base of programmers. It’s more challenging to find people of that quality in the UAE.”

Alareejit designs and develops custom websites based on your business vision. We create individual teams of web developers and end-to-end solutions for travel web development of any complexity.

Custom Web Development

Get not only travel website development but also support from travel agency website developers. Keep your core team focused on service with Alareejit advanced IT support and maintenance services.

Technical Maintenance

As a travel website development company, we develop different travel portals with features in terms of usability, design, and technology to help users have an efficient experience.

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The Alareejit team conducts manual and automated testing to provide you with the data metrics and KPIs about your product so that you can evaluate the performance of travel website development.

We use Agile methodology to build and evaluate the implementation of projects of various complexity. Our project managers have experience in project planning of travel websites. They help launch the website and are focused on improving team performance. We are transparent with our engineers about skill development to help them gain new experiences. That's the key to good company-employee relations. As a travel website development company, we provide customers with high standards of travel website development. And our customers appreciate it. To implement different projects of varying complexity, including travel website development services, we work with experienced software engineers. We use modern tools and hands-on risk management practices to provide you with quality travel website development services and stay a reliable partner.

Alareejit cooperates with all types of business. For 9+ years of work, we provided travel website development and other types of services for such businesses:

Passenger Transportation company in Dubai UAE

Land Transportation company in Dubai UAE

Delivery Transportation company in Dubai UAE

Logistic transportation company in Dubai UAE

All authority over the code for all the travel website development services rests with the business owner, meaning you as our customer. Even after the test version of your project, the source code, documentation, schematics, or layouts remain with you. You have every right to use them and freely develop your product with anyone.

Why is Alareejit a good choice for travel website development services?

Alareejit has two offices in Poland and Ukraine. However, we are not used to considering geographical boundaries in cooperation, as our studio has over 150 employees worldwide. We cooperate in a hybrid way, allowing us to expand geography, specialists, development directions, and other clients for travel website development services.

There is no strict answer to this question because the cost of travel website development depends on the complexity of the project, the number of functions, etc. The quote is based on project development time and materials, i.e., specialists and the number of integrated XML/GDS/APIs and features you'd like to integrate. It's a general overview of travel web development; please get in touch with us anytime for a detailed overview.

Unfortunately, no. We cannot offer such a travel website development service for free as it requires a dedicated developer and marketing expert working on your website regularly.

However, you can sign a software maintenance agreement with our development team. Under this agreement, you define how your travel website should be developed and what you’d like to insert there.

An online presence helps travel agencies reach more online customers and provide them with a more convenient experience as users can easily access information about tours, countries, and approximate prices. With travel website development you can:

Precisely yes! Travel websites with API integration provide a convenient booking process for customers. In addition, API integration allows users to customize travel-related searches easily. It contributes to the overall convenience of online interaction with the travel agency.

Alareejit integrates with over 150 IT engineers worldwide; thus, we help companies from different industries transform Internet users into customers. Alareejit developers use technologies like Microsoft .net, MS SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, and Java.

Travel website development services we provide

The travel website development time will depend on the number of required functionality, website complexity, project scope, etc. It usually takes three-four months, depending on your business requirements.

There are many features to get travel website development services from Alareejit . But here we'll name only five:
- Simple calendars. This feature will help simplify online interactions between customers and your travel agency to see which dates are already booked.
- As a travel website development studio, we often work with clients on two types of interactions.
- Hourly Model: If there is an idea of volume but no price estimate or you need a developer for one or several tasks for your team, then we can work on an hourly model.

Quality Assurance:

Our web design team develops wire frames and page layouts based on your business requirements, initial ideas, and recommendations. With your feedback on the initial layouts, we are working on the design development of a travel website. The Alareejit team is ready to work with you as long as it takes to get the desired result. We would make adjustments if you did not like the design options of the first, second, third, and so on versions.

If you have an outdated website that doesn't generate sales, we can help redesign it in line with today's travel industry website design trends. The price and timing of the travel web development can be determined after a thorough analysis of the existing website.

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Responsive website development is an approach to creating website pages that adapt well to work on different screens, such as desktops, tablets, mobile devices, etc. All the travel websites we develop respond to provide the best user experience for your user's experience.

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