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Client testimonials

Balazs Wellisch

CEO at GameIPP

HTBOOK Software could adjust to our needs and provide the services that we needed in a way that they became part of our group very quickly. They were dedicated to the project and made sure every stage was made visible to the client.

Vahid Walker

Founder of CCBiderator

We needed skilled staff and no downtime, which is what they’ve delivered. Htbook Software’s flexibility with new ideas, reliability, and transparency add tremendous value to the collaboration, which is foreseen to continue.

Ole Jørgen Næss

VP of Product and Engineering at Svenn Star

We had the challenge to find a trustworthy outsourcing company that we could rely on. Previous attempts ended badly and we needed to find a company that had the skills, good communication and was fair on price.

Success cases

Svenn Star - Co LLC

Reducing paperwork for construction companies

Construction (UAE)

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htbook construction software for managments

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