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Responsive Website Design | Website design responsive to all types of screens

Responsive Website Design

With responsive web design, you can make sure your website looks its best on cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop screens.

Responsive web design is an approach that allows design across various devices (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.) and suggests design should respond to the user’s behavior based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Flexible grids are foundational elements of responsive design. All assets such as images adapt to various screen sizes & resolutions (using CSS media queries). As a result, the user has great UX no matter what device they use whether it’s a large desktop or small screen of mobile device, the website automatically switch to accommodate for resolution.

Why Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is becoming more and more important in today’s age of smartphone supremacy. Just think back to the old days, when you had to use desktop sites on your phone. Remember how inconvenient that was? It’s so important for your brand that your customers have the best possible experience visiting your site. So we are in Alareejit build the best responsive web design in Dubai-UAE.

What do we keep in mind for your responsive website?
  1. screen size
  2. prioritizing content
  3. Image Quality
  4. font size
  5. Test your design

Screens Sizes

Size class

Breakpoints Typical screen size Devices Window Sizes
Small up to 640px 20" to 65" TVs 320x569, 360x640, 480x854
Medium 641 - 1007px 7" to 12" Tablets 960x540
Large 1008ps and up 13" and up PCs, Laptops, Surface Hub 1024x640, 1366x768, 1920x1080

Prioritizing Content

This first consideration is less a design thing than a planning thing, but it’s super important for the designer. At Areejit , we religiously map out the order that the content should appear on each page when at the smallest browser width. We call this the Content Priority.

Image Quality

Remember to use relative units when specifying widths for images to prevent them from accidentally overflowing the viewport. For example, width: 40%; causes the image width to be 40% of the containing element (not 40% of the viewport or 40% of actual pixel size).

Areejit offers different services to responsive web design:
  • Application development services with responsive layouts
  • Responsive UI development for different screens
  • Migration of fixed layout web applications and websites to responsive layout
  • Consulting services for responsive design implementation

  • Why is responsive web design important?

    If we designed and developed countless versions of a website that worked for every known device out there, the process just wouldn’t be practical time-wise and would be costly! It would also render sites ineffective  and make them nearly impossible to maintain. Responsive design is an effective solution to future-proof your website.

    User experience

    responsive design needs to be more than converting a desktop site into a mobile screen. We need to consider the user’s interactions, their interaction and the essential content they’re actually looking for while using a mobile device.

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